All images taken by Will Binks 

Eye Licker are: Rob - Bass / Paul - Vocals / Michal - Drums / Lee - Guitar

Eye Licker from Manchester who formed in 2007, play a fast, catchy style of hardcore punk with elements of hardcore and metal that demands your attention.

By their own admission of being a lazy band their first recordings did not appear until 2009 and another set of recordings "Owt Fer Nowt" in 2012.
They followed that up with a split release with Utah Death/Thrash metal band Deathead in 2013 followed by their first full length "Cursed Earth Wasteland" released in 2014,
Another split release with Evil Eye came in 2015 which saw some consistency but was not to last.
It was a full 3 years before their next release "Once More Into The Rabbit Hole" which was released via Back From the Dead Records in june 2018.